Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Your Angel messages are divine and so are you.

Level 2 Angel Channelling Course (pdf)



This Angel Channelling course teaches you to learn the art of channelling Angels in a safe and loving way. Use of protection techniques, fear removal by Archangel Michael and lots of practice is included. Course written 2014.

Course format includes:

  • The history of Channelling
  • The differences between mediumship and channelling.
  • Higher energies
  • Preparing to connect to your Archangels and Guardians.
  • Removing fear with Archangel Michael
  • What is Angel Alignment
  • Channels and connections
  • Recognising your own voices
  • Why Channel an Angel?
  • How do Angels communicate with you?
  • Angel Care.

This course is instant downloadable and contains an average of 43 pages to include the assessment. It's format is based upon book pdf format. This course is not accessible on our education platform and holds a certificate upon request. Thank you for purchasing.