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The healing performance- A look at ritual healings



In this essay, a German researcher provides an uploaded you-tube video documentary account of his own healing experiences, when he visited a local Tibetan shaman healer by the name of Mrs Dolkar.  He narrates throughout the documentary and uses an English actor to translate his narrations in the form of a voice over.  His primary research is about how other beings can speak, influence and act inside of us. (1:38v1). towards the back of the essay, the appendices contain two parts of the documentary video and they are both called ‘Sharman Healers’.  The first part which is studied, begins at one minute and twenty three seconds into the first video and can be found in appendix one.  Part two of the shaman healing can be viewed in appendix two.  The documentary continues from the beginning of part two and ends at three minutes and ten seconds.  For the purposes of this essay, reference will be made to appendix one or two with the recording of the minutes of each section which is referenced to each part of the documentary used here within.

cited by Kyte. j in The healing presence an essay for healing arts at the university of derby. 2012.

Research paper for spiritual studies


Reviewed by Joanne kyte on Jan 1, 2018
Considering there is not much research based essays available for energy healing or spiritual healing. This was an interesting read and available straight away. The essay it's self explored 'sharman healers' and their influence upon the ritual of healing. If you want to study the actual performance of healing. This is a good start. Well done.