Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Archangel Michael Angel Reading- Spiritual-horizons

Archangel Michael Online Angel Reading



Archangel Michael Online Angel Reading.

This is a three/four card spread which will include incorporated advice from Archangel Michael. He will channel or guide this angel reading to answer your question or a general reading.

He has been like close family member to me and he has known me inside and out. I trust him to deliver his message to you through the name of Love.

If you wish to recieve a message from Archangel Michael

You may wish to because:

He is your favorite Archangel.

He deals with Safety and Protection.

He can provide you with strength, courage and fearlessness

He can guide you and point you in the direction of Love.

I am sensitive and I use intuition, hunches, direct angelic channelling, signs and meditation to connect in the most loving manner. I will not tell you future directives but more guidance how to be more loving and powerful.



Reviewed by melissa, USA on Nov 26, 2017
I really appreciate you giving me the reading, but I also appreciate your breakdown and based off what i've recieved from others, my own thoughts and experiences, you are dead on. The worst is behind me. No one has picked up the fact that I have negative thoughts about myself except you. Keep up the good work and god bless thank you - Melissa
Archangel Michael Angel Reading- Spiritual-horizons