Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Be an angel and accept love into your life

Angel Communication Expert (ACE) Online Course (Emailed)



The Original Angel Communication Expert Course A.C.E

Our loving connections to our angels are based on Love, they have to be and so everyone lives from their ego, the right way to connect to our Angels is by listening through the heart. These fundamental baby steps allow you to clear away alot of fear and negativity first and to learn how to connect and attune to Love, grace and your angels.

This Angel Communication Expert Course  allows you to develop a friendship, a journey of oneness through loving contact. Fear is not how it should be and Love is the way.

Angel Communication Expert ACE course Learning outcomes include:

  • Creating and understanding the importance of Love as an energy
  • Learn the basic steps of connecting safely with your Angels.
  • Creating your own psychic awareness in safety so that you can meditate using appropriate measures of protection and mental awareness.
  • Develop friendships with your Angels, they are there.
  • Listen to your intuition and your heart.
  • Explore creativity with your angels and have fun.
  • Begin healing with your Angels.
  • Removal of blocks of fear and negativity

    This course provides you with the step by step know how and previous students have changed in a positive light due to working with and connecting with their Angels.

  • Love is important as today fear is rampant and rising. We stand together as a team and not one will remain in fear with the help from your Angels.

  • Negativity stems from the mind, we have to learn to open the mind to allow love to flow through us and heal from our past beliefs.

  • This course has 8 modules which include: signs, working with guardians, Prayer with Sandalphon, Creative Expression with Archangel Gabriel.

  • Read the course directory on the main page for full breakdown of modules.

  1. This course is instant accessible after payment sent to your email as a pdf.

  2. License agreement is to use for one student only policy and you agree to not plagarise the content as copywritten.




Reviewed by Alison King,UK on Nov 26, 2017
I have been so encouraged to have successfully complete the A.C.E course. It has been heart warming to know that my Angels have been there every step of the way. This course is a balance of action and reflective exercises. I love the way, the Angels introduce themselves to me and how I have learned a lot about myself. Truly recommended without a doubt.
Be an angel and accept love into your life