Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Terms and Conditions of Service with Spiritual Horizons.®

The content of this website and all formats of course content is copywritten to J.kyte at spiritual horizons and is strictly forbidden to be copied, admended, resold, added to any website or social media without the permission by myself.

All courses are licensed for one user only and it is forbidden to be used for your own websites, workshops or content. If you wish to use our material or courses please license a course from us by emailing us at enquiries@spiritual-horizons.org.uk.

This website is high secured for your own wellbeing by using the https as you can see on the address bar.As mentioned above, HTTP sends the data collected over the Internet in plain text. This means that if you have a form asking for a credit card number, that credit card number can be intercepted by anyone. By collecting  information over an HTTP (not HTTPS) connection, you are taking a risk that this data could be intercepted and, since it is not encrypted, used by a thief. You can rest assured that all our webpages are secure using HTTPS including all transactions and personal details.


Workshops are originated with all of it's own content and training materials to a high standard.

All Workshops include within the price set all of the following:

  1. Course Materials and a folder.
  2. A bottle of water and water throughout.
  3. Discounts on other services and courses (provided on the day)
  4. Location and facilities based around natural surroundings and disability ramps and adequate resources for all where possible.
  5. A basic pen.
  6. A professional set of boundaries, quiet time and reflection.

All deposits used are non refundable due to paying for the location.

All workshops payments have 14 days before the event in which to pay in full. At the time of registration you will be sent a learning agreement which has to be returned by email or printed off and provided first thing in the welcoming of the workshop please.

All cancellations require a phone call or email as soon as you can tell me so I can pass the space to the next person on the waiting list or make it so I can reduce the group. Please can you tell me where possible 72 hours before each workshop and note that all deposits will be forfeited due to paying for the location.

Online Courses

All courses are provided for by pdf instant download. These are professionally written to a high education standard for online deliverance. This includes, reflection, bitesize activities, researching topics, reading recommended books and occasional videos. This is a traditional online course format of study where we rely on true loving and well researched course materials which allows for various styles of learning to be included rather than just a quick short video which is not teaching you anything. It is offered this way, as it is still an excellent method of online teaching which can be offered with any blended workshop offline in the UK.

All of our online courses are channelled by our Angels, Saints and Love. They may offer you a different perspective of understanding against your own and so we ask for your ego to not get in the way or that you trust the guidance of your angels and flow of love from within your heart.

Our teachings are based upon Love. Love offers you the change required to let go of fear and negativity and to allow you the chance to put into practice love based beliefs rather than be stuck in fear based ones.

It is your own recommendation and choice to choose our courses which are on offer for you today from the heart of love which means that it is genuine, well researched and guided by heavens spirits of angelic and loving.

All courses are subject to an online or offline education learning agreement which has to be signed as either a statement at the time of purchase or returned as a form before you commence the module and have it marked. The purchase of any online course is a legal agreement of which you state that you abide by our licence of fair share for the content of any course to be read and active by one student at a time policy. It is not to be shared to others or plaglarised for your own course. All content is copywritten.

One student at a time policy.

Pay as you go.

Pay per module is available.