Privacy Rights

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Spiritual abides by UK Data Protection ACT 2018 which replaces the older version 1995. the following is our offer to supply and support you the consumer/student/ individual with the required information which will allow you to understand how we use your private details for the reasons of accessing and using our website and services on and offline.

If you require further details we warmly invite you to contact us.

Spiritual horizons

We will only collect the required information from you when you enrol as a student, such as the name, address, email address and phone number and any information you have submitted to us on your order or enrolment forms and downloaded courses, books, pdf and other content, products and services. This includes all subscriptions.  We also record information when you contact us, including customer email requests and notes or details explaining what you asked and how we responded. We keep a record of your email address, date of course purchase and names of the courses you have requested and any exams you may have requested. This enables us to trace your order back and assist you with any enquires regarding your past purchases. This information is never shared with any 3rd parties. Should you wish any of your information to be removed from our records we are happy to comply with this on request.

Subscription Service: The information added to the Subscription Service, either by site visitors providing their contact information or when a Subscription Service user adds the information, is stored and managed on our service providers’ servers. This information is then used to contact visitors about their interest in the company’s goods or services and interact with the company.


We do not provide others your information, we use as above the same information to advertise with the additional banners you provide these will be not used for any other purpose but as stated in the email or form you provide.

How does  Spiritual Horizons use information through the website?

We use information about you to deliver, improve, update and enhance the services we provide to you. For example, we use information about you to create your account and record your course purchases and details of any exams you have requested. We use your information to create a certificate which is sent on paper format and electronically . When a student has cancelled or completed their courses and exams, we may keep their details on file should they wish to re-order at a future date. We keep a copy of your completed exam papers and qualifications. Should you then ever need to request these again in the future they would be available to you.

Does Spiritual- Horizons use your information for shared 3rd Parties.

At the moment we use paypal and so we don't collect your credit/debit card details. Insurance Companies will use your information from us as you may be wishing to refer a student or use a practitoner insurance.

Accreditation Companies will often request the numbers of students and may request a sample of student work. This will be confidential such as no name or details attached to work related materials which were generated by your own workmanship.

Privacy concerns with shared work or course work or private reflections.

I think it is also reasonable to say that if you are concerned about sending in confidential reflective work. It is done so with your own given permission as you write how you feel. It will not be viewed by anyone other that the teacher or myself at this stage and you can also email us if you would like us to shred or mark out anything after assessment. Course work is attained for up to 6 months before being shredded.


How can I update my personal information?

You are in control of your personal information. You can unsubscribe at any time from our email list and should you wish us to remove any information we hold on you for example copies of your qualifications or exam papers we will happily remove these from our records on request.

Privacy Disclaimer: Please note: We do not store our customer’s financial details nor will we ever send you any spam emails. You may unsubscribe from our email list at any time and an option to do so is clearly shown on any newsletters or emails we send you.

Students are advised when requesting any of our products or courses that you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions