Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

How can I pay?

We use PayPal as our payment processor, so we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Or, you can pay using your PayPal balance.

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Is your site secure?

Yes. You pay through PayPal, the world's premier electronic payment solution, not through this site. We never even see your credit card number; PayPal just tells us that you've paid and we ship you your stuff. We get your money through PayPal later.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy?

No, you can pay with your credit card without a PayPal account.

Is your website safe and secure?

The “s” means that when accessing this particular web site, all web traffic between your web browser and the web site uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – in other words it is encrypted. Now, if anyone manages to intercept the message it is scrambled. This allows you to feel secure and confident with your personal data will always be confidential on the world wide web as well. This means that if you look to the top left hand corner, you will see "https" before the website address. This means that our site is professionally secure and it is a high quality provider provider online which looks after your privacy, confidentiality online. It is of the same standard when you transfer money from your bank to another account.

Why choose your online courses?

The most important thing is that we build our business based upon Love as professional and unconditional as possible. Secondly, we deliver our online courses based upon Angelic or/and heavenly guidance and instruction. Lastly, we have studied online education at degree level and we write course content based upon all three facts stated. Our online courses are well devised and commissioned to include all types of learners from visual, action and thinking styles. Our courses also include bite-sized, fun and motivational learning with reflective points throughout. This is an aim to keep online education students keen to complete the courses in style with our spiritual and everyday lifes.

Do your courses allow me to practice within angel and healing therapy?

Yes, the advanced courses will enable you to do so but you will also have to do case studies in a practical higher module before graduating. This is so we can see how you provide your therapy towards others and set high standards in allowing you to practice with our school. We will for those in the UK look to launch blended learning at a later point which will include a practical workshop attendance to finalise the position of practitioner status.

All certificates are authenticated by ourselves and selected accreditation bodies which stipulate high quality service when selecting companies and assessing them in a educationally quality level.

Can I get a sample of your courses before I decide to buy one?

Yes, please do contact us before you make a final purchase. We provide up to three pages worth of a course and an explanation of the assessment required to pass the course provided.

Do I require to practice anything during the course?

Yes. All our Angel Courses provide you with a practice element which is an easy step by step practice such as meditation, a reflective journalling based upon your feelings, intuition and signs provided by your team of Angels, collecting evidence such as feathers or coins. There is always a balance between practice and theory. If you have further questions please do ask us.

Do I require to purchase any reading texts or books during your course?

No, we provide you with the option to purchase from a reading list provided to you upon the uptake of a course, however, it is up to you (freewill) to purchase any of the books given. We provide you with all the text and sometimes link you up to text online.

Are your courses available anywhere in the world or do you have to live in the UK?

Online courses are presented to you for purchase, based upon the freedom of Love and the freedom of online education which enables anyone to purchase a course online. You do not have to live within the UK to join any one of our courses for study. We just allow you to download the link upon payment and you get instant access. Thank you.

Can you tell me what methods of study do you use within your courses?

We do our best to consider all types of learners such as doing, visual and thinking elements are added to all of our courses. For online education, motivation and attention spans are considered to keep  you interested in the course and allowing you to practice within each segment of the course. Each course module is provided with a reflective element and an evidence element to aid your learning process. Each course includes a question and answer section and a practical element in most modules.

How do I recieve your course work?

Upon payment you are sent an automatic link to enable you to download your pdf upon any device even your mobile phone. At any point as a registered learner. if  you have any technical difficulties locating your course material, you can request us to send you one manually. We ask of you to send in your assessment to assessments@spiritual-horizons.co.uk

Do I get certification at the end of a Angel course?

Yes, if you successfully complete our assessment process within a two week period, then you will either recieve an emailed copy of your certification and/or a paper certificate using high quality certification paper printed and sent to you with a love seal of approval. See each Angel course for details. An example of this certificate is available.

Where can I leave feedback?

We welcome honest and positive feedback for all of our services. For every purchase there should be a link to review the product. If you would like to contact us please do so. If you have any issues with anything we offer, please do email us immediately to assist you. We really are greatful for your feedback so thank you.


Outside traditional accreditation schemes such as AQA or C&G's based in UK. Spiritual Education has diploma mill based accreditation businesses which for a payment exchange will give you a green light and an online stamp to say your course is fitting to be online. As an educational expert for over ten years. I will accreditate all courses but there is no real emergency to do so, as there is no law to state they have to be. Having stated this, we provide self certification based upon reviews, recommendations and memberships of high quality schemes. This is currently being implemented.