Energy Healing Sessions

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Manchester Energy Healing.©

Energy Healing as a service provided by Spiritual Horizons.© includes three services.

  1. Angel W Therapy
  2. Energy SHealing
  3. Auric Healing
  4. Warrior of Life Mentoring Sessions.

Angel Healing Therapy incorporates the valued and enriching service of requesting the help from the Angels and Saints they can cut cords, heal and take fear away, create love and provide blessings. The Angels are gentle, serene, powerful and sincere so do not underestimate the belief that they can come in and help you on an inner level as well as a physical. They saved me and have healed me many a time and yes they do exist. They are made of pure divine love so there is no worry about their presence surrounding you.

Energy Healing is a practice of sustaining and cleansing your chakras energy vortexes within your own multidimensional body. These energies we do not see but we definately sense when they become blocked from fear and negativity. This energy session is based upon manipulation of the chakras and being based upon Love as a philosophy for working together to rebalance and remove psychic debri which is caused by being un protected or sensitive to societies energies. There is often blockages which can be removed to free up fresh loving energy to rebalance yourself.

Auric cleansing is similar to basic spiritual healing where as a brushing technique and basic cleansing of your aura is used.

All the energy healing sessions can be booked in the shop area. Any further questions can be sent via our contact page.

Tools include:


Colour Therapy

Angelic Tools and meditations

Qualifications include S.N.H.S aura and chakra healing certificate

B.A (Hons) Education studies with Healing Arts which includes performance of a healer, history of healing, Healing Rituals and the Study of Biomedicine v complementary therapies. Healing Trust training and Angelic influenced training by St. Germain and Archangel Raphael. Thank you.