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Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

The following are the full course directory descriptors for the online courses that we provide online with Spiritual Horizons©

Hundreds of enlightened individuals are choosing to learn about Angels with us because we are genuine, loving and professional. The following courses are available online.

  1. Angel Channelling Certificate
  2. ACE- Angel Communication Expert
  3. Advanced Angel Communcation Course
  4. Introduction to the Energy Healer

Future courses in development are:

Mental Health walk to recovery

Nature's Blessings course

Colour Therapy with your Angels

Colour Therapy Awareness.

Angel Communication Expert (ACE)©

The ACE course follows the following structure of lessons which are strictly forbidden to be republished, edited, plagiarised and all course content and structure of lessons stems back to this website.

Course Contents: Module One :Introduction to your Angels.

  • How I met an Angel
  • What are Angels
  • A History of Angels
  • A Hierarchy of Angels
  • Modern Angels
  • Module Assessment Q&A

Module Two: The Archangels, Guardianship and their work

  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Uriel
  • An introduction to other Archangels.
  • The Guardian Angels
  • Module Assessment – Q&A

Module Three: Tools for Effective Interactions with your Angels.

  • How to Call for Help
  • Worry Boxes
  • Letters to Heaven
  • Module Assessment- Q&A

Module Four: Angel Connections- Tools for receiving heaven’s responses.

  • Introduction to Intuition and Impressions
  • Introduction to Clairvoyance
  • Introduction to Clairaudience
  • Introduction to other Clairessences
  • Interpreting Signs
  • The Pendulum- A Yes or No Answer
  • Meditation, Grounding and Protection
  • Automatic Writing & Channelling Messages
  • Module Assessment- Practical Exercises.

Module Five: In search of an Angel

  • Messages via the Radio
  • Angel Cards Guidance
  • Did I hear right? Overcoming Doubt & Discounting
  • Module Assessment: Practical Exercises

Module Six: Angel Healing.

  • Introduction to the Module
  • Cutting ties & Cords
  • Clearing Clutter
  • General Health with Raphael.
  • Module Assessment- Practical Exercise

Module Seven: Angel Expressions

  • An Introduction to Reflective Practice
  • Developing your Angelic Self
  • Creating your Angel Goals
  • Expressing and Healing the inner You
  • Who are you?
  • What next?

Module Eight: Angelic Care

  • Nature Heals
  • Ego v Heart
  • Angel Qualities
  • Being a light with Love & Forgiveness
  • Module Assessment: Overview
  • End of Programme Assessment

To enrol upon this course please go to store and to Angel Communication Expert. ACE.

After this course you can progress onto the Hierarchy of Angels Advanced course. Full certification is made available to you.

You can enrol upon our interactive online course via :!store/angel-communication-course-ace/

Hierarchy of Angels Adv. Course.

We warmly welcome you to study with our Angels who are super excited at knowing you wish to connect with them and learn to believe in their capabilities to love, protect and connect with you in the spiritual journey you have began with them.

Your Angels are wishing you to draw close to them right now from your heart and feel that this course will step by step guide you and help you to build up the confidence to believe and receive their blessings.

Our Angels are playful, strong, full of virtues, obedient, loving, kind, innocent and pure. Building a divine friendship with them enables you to help create a loving bridge again between heaven and on earth. The Angels are here to be our friends, they support us, enrich us and together we can help the planet grow and accept more love in to our lives. So in a way our courses will often include working with their qualities and loving intentions to help each person to become more angelic in their ways.

What do I gain from joining your course?

  • Angel Friends, Strong bonds and connections with your inner self and your Angels.
  • A well written and formatted course which is founded upon expertise in education as well as a loving harmony of rich love and knowledge passed down to you, in order for you to practise what you learn and forward it to others in everyday life.
  • A high quality enrichment course used for personal pleasure, CPD or spiritual training.
  • The ability to release and heal elements from your life which we cannot do without the energetic influence of an Angel.
  • Learning is fun online, it is interactive, motivational and focused upon emotions, rather than logic.
  • It is reflective and loving a change to everyday studies online.
  • We include you tube videos, pdf or written material, reflection time and quizzes.

It is educational and online, but we cannot forget about the loving, divine, angelic and spiritual connection and the love which stems from connecting in real life to our heart, soul, angels and love.

Through the duration of this Angel course you are required to use all of time in nature so you can easily attune to your Angels in your own reflective time. Also it is requested that you purchase a private notebook and journal. This is to be used for angel signs, messages, feelings and reflective thoughts and experiences. This is for your own Angelic growth but it can also be used to include your course lessons during the duration of this course.

If you do enjoy our courses, we would like to know and you can provide us with feedback on our website page. You can also share our website to others, ask questions or share us on social media.

Study this course because you want too, not because I am promoting it on purpose to make money or not, I write out of love and passion. This is the prize difference in my high quality course. It is about the quality of service to enable everyone with the chance to connect with their inner self and their beautiful, divine angels. Choose our Academy based upon it’s light and love rather than it’s all about the money. You choose and we are greatful for everyone of you to jump on and enrol today.

Money is not everything, but Love is your world and everything inside of it.

What do I study?

This course holds for a medium based course of 250 hours approximately. at least 67 pages worth of a course and it  holds a quiz online, reflective study, interactive homework and an assessment at the end of the main course.

A full certification of completion is sent to you titled:

L2: Hierarchy of Angels intermediate level Certificate of Completion. published direct to you after you have completed this course.

To enrol upon this course we use a professional educational platform which allows you to interact upon each lesson instantly after enrolling. We use paypal as it is a secure interface and once enrolled you will be able to access your course instantly.

This is a sought after course and I have had many success stories from students individual spiritual journeys.!store/hierarchy-of-angels/

Course Content includes: