About Us

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Loving, Creating, forgiving

We warmly welcome you to Spiritual Horizons home to our Academy of Angels and Creative Healing.

This has been created to provide an anchor of Love and promotion of spiritual wellbeing within a deeper belief system giving to us by our Angels and heaven.

We are a service provider and we do the following:

  1. Working with our Angels and Saints on a foundation of love.
  2. Healing and Angelic Workshops- Manchester and the Wirral.
  3. A mixture of online courses such as healing, angelic and emotional wellbeing.
  4. Spiritual mentoring and spiritual awakening advice.

A little about myself.

I was introduced to working with Angels around 10 years ago. They saved my life and they step by step taught me to live again. I am so profoundly greatful that I cannot get my head around what has happened to me. My angels are innocent, fun, gentle, powerful, radiant, and most of all real. I know the difference between dark angels and the real the ones. The real ones are pure divine love and are so graceful and will only come in if you request them to do so.

I work closely with Archangel Michael, Raphael and Sandalphon, I am a healer and I have always been nurtured by Love and I will always fight to stay in love.

My background workwise is the following:

B.A(Hons) Education Studies with Healing Arts with Derby University.

L4 Facilitating in Diverse Environments-. University of Nottingham.

L4 Mental Health Peer Support Work.

Counselling Certificate BACP Accreditated.

Trained as a NHS Boost Emotional Resilience Trainer.

SNHS Aura and Chakra Healing 2017.

Workshops already facilitated are:

  1. NHS Boost Resilience Course
  2. Colour Therapy Workshop - Richmond Fellowship.
  3. Road to recovery- mental health 12/8 week course. Self Help Services.
  4. Angel Healing Workshops.2017/18.

I teach one to one interventions as a higher teaching assistance within UK Schools and high school children.

DRB Online current status clear.