Why does Society tell you to be scared of Jesus Christ or Love?

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Why does society and the bible teach that we should be FEARFUL of Jesus's return?

Why is the world so fearful of Jesus Christ returning?  You always read news saying Jesus is here or returning. Why should that make you react with fear? This is judgement on the ego but not you as an individual. Jesus Christ is a loving energy who had self realisation of the Creator spark within himself.

If Love is unconditional, then why should we fear it? There is no right or wrong it is an illusion. Our Angels have always taught that fear does not exist, it is a figurment of our imaginations and Love is to prevail. Love is the standalone energy which we should feel unafraid to feel it. The right side of Love is what Jesus Christ taught us about. It is all about forgiveness and reprogramming our minds to suit love not fear. There has to be a balance. We have to follow our hearts and not use our heads so much.

The right side of Love includes following your heart and soul, the ego is programmed by following society. Angels of the divine do exist and when they return in full glory of love, they will fight fearful ego, fear, negativity and dark forces who are enslaving you through the mind to value nothing.

Our creator and Jesus are pure love. Your Angels and saints are pure love. You outside of your mind are made from love. You too have that love inside of you and you are part of your creator.

So why are you fearing Jesus? If he stood before me I would welcome him with open arms. He is graceful, forgiving, understanding and he is an energy which is real. Just because he not physical it does not mean he can come down to earth in spirit or his energy.

We fear it because society is teaching you too. Being in society you are conditioned to some dark and fearful belief systems which are there to harm your own inner self and spiritual self not to love you. Our father in heaven is yearning us to be abundant it is your right, so why are we so shut down to it? FEAR!!!! there is a lot of us including myself who gets caught up with the negative flow of society because we have individuals and news feeds trying to dictate what you should do with your life, what you can't do, what restrictions you have and if and only if you dare to open your mind to love are you judged as crazy. I am not watering information down for anyone here, but what I state is true to me and what my Archangels have taught me through the years. Educate yourself with what Love is all about. Do you see how people are changing?

Coming down to earth says a lot. We as a planet are rising into a higher octave. There are dark forces doing their best to disillusion you to tell you that what you see is what you get. This is the wrong side. My angels have told me that any belief system exists because as long as it is loving it is real and accepted.

The sad thing is, the society, religion and tv programming and governments are fighting love to control you by telling you all the good stuff is limited, not true or false. Hence, false teaching on the planet. Jesus literally will and does save you. He saves you from releasing fears, just like our Angels do. They are a collective, we stand together in love and they combat evil, fear, negativity and anything that stops you from rising up into the beauty of love.

They are real if anyone is denouncing Jesus, love or divine angels they hold fear. They need to wake up out of the illusions of society and be brave to stand up and fight for love. This is why In the book of revelations it tells us that the hearts of many grow cold, that people will become forced to disobey love and that people will be forced to side with society and the governments. Don’t do it.

You are full of love, don’t close your hearts to love. I’ve been there and I’ve done it. Be brace fight past the talking minds. That’s why the government is placing and emphasis on mental health to trap you into various labels to control you.

Back to Jesus Christ . This is a man of love and we are made from love and our very creator although many call him by different names is the same loving God who created you.

Love is the truth, Jesus is the way because he gave an example of love to follow.

Love is the key to everything, get rid of your fears because when love and his army arrive. If you don’t eradicate those fears you will be on the wrong side.

They will forgive, they are compassionate, they are filled with grace. They will help if you invite them in.

Only dark forces or people who have minds set in fear, which is not always your fault require Jesus and his angels more so than lighter believers.

So why do we fear Jesus? I’ll tell you why because love is so powerful it can make or break you. It can change your energy into sparkling love or at his mercy it can eradicate you if you are pure fear. He won’t do that they love and will give you and everyone the chance to become more loving.

I would jump for joy if Jesus was here. The illusion is the mindsets? The talking mind is not you. Your heart is the true you. We have to be quiet and feel. Feel and don’t go numb. Whatever the government,media or tv promotes onto you which is fearful or negative ignore it. Put protection up and look to Jesus and ask him or your angels to change and heal. I guarantee this works.

It is logic to add at this stage of the post that angels are of love. Jesus tells us to test spirits and you will know us by our love. This proves to you that angels do exist. Angels can be called upon. Look at all the good Doreen virtue did with her angel works to suddenly tell you that she denounced it for being dark. Something has deeply influenced her and that was a dark influence not a Jesus one in an attempt to overflow the light and love that was created in millions. So don’t give up on Jesus, don’t give up on angels or love. Please share I’d be so greatful thank you but don’t copy or plagiarise my works.



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