Spiritual Education is most important right now

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Spiritual Education is important right now.

Spirituality is changing the way we view ourselves and each other. Religion is seemingly a thing in the past, where we tend to look outwards towards heaven for the answers that we seek and to worship idols of fathers/priests, gods and human beings who claim they are of significance. However, the real test in being spiritual in the world today, is to love one another, forgive each other and ourselves but also to allow us to remember and establish love as a foundation of truth to any child, individual or person living here in our world.

Our Angels have always taught us to keep together and even in nature you see animals doing the same. Do not allow the force of darkness and society to split you up, no matter how hard it seems let the love flow and work through all known issues as they arise.

Our Angels first came to me and told me that they needed me to set an example of Love to show others the way. At first, I almost scoffed and thought that they were messing around and that was ten years ago. I see the change in society is horrific. If by seeing rudeness, a lack of love, chaos, too much living in fear, strict boundaries placing people into stress or a lack of human qualities such as loyality, honour, self respect, humbleness, charity, genuineness, hope, kindness, gentleness, cruelty towards animals and to each other and also a lack of forgiveness. Such behaviours that the Angels and Love is witnessing upon our beautiful planet is horrifying for heaven to witness. So, we now need the earth angels, the warriors of love and light, the healers, the hidden angels of our world to stand up in true honour and testify against fear and society. To be brave and be strong towards each other and show the good in you and each other. It is pointless to have authors, myself included or anyone who promotes new age, angelology beliefs, earth angel beliefs to talk about them and say that they are one of them, if we are far from it in the heart. So my question is to you. What are you doing to keep the love flowing and the richness of personas, the quality of the spirit and how do you intend to live and walk by example. WE need you and we need to be together. We need to promote each other with richness and a warmth of love. Do not compete against each other as it is from the ego. Our Angels feel that the courses and the workshops that we promote, sell and provide should come from a pure angelic or free flowing love and to remember the money will arrive from our creator.

Spiritual Education is so important right now in every step of the way. The reason it is importance is that many society influences will either try and ban this way of being and stop you from having the free will to influence society with love. Love is given freely but fear is generated to control the masses and stop Love from being a more prominent feature of the world.

Spiritual Education is not to be watered down. Each individual who proposes their teaching based upon Loving influences should not be told to reduce such teachings nor should they have to watch how they word their teachings. IF our creator or our Angels and Saints included have channelled or intuitively guided such people to work on behave of Love, then they have a right to teach Love upon our planet.

Spiritual Education should be based upon Love, forgiveness and following by example. It should be implemented freely to anyone who wishes to become interested in what it has to offer. Spiritual Education is all about a freedom to learn within the realms of Love. There is important messages, lessons and information which has to be passed down to those chosen to operate through the realms of Love.

Spiritual Education should be promoted as an important part of an individuals life. To learn to heal, evolve and emerge with Love on your side is your creators wishes for you. To fear and struggle with anything not of love is something that Heaven frowns upon.

So I hope that you may feel encouraged to become part of a family of Love here upon our planet. If you are a teacher then teach by example, show the children of today and tomorrow how to be compassionate, polite, forgiving, hold high integrity, walk in the name of love and fight every demon or fear as it arises. Teach your followers a way that is worthy of Love and Jesus. Teach against the use of the ego, teach about Love and how to make positive changes and keep love alive in each and everyone of you. Teach forgiveness, teach self awareness and how to transmute energies and to keep an open mind. Teach how to love yourself and have a high self esteem, teach people with love and fight the lack of abundance in the world.

There are powers that be working invisibly against the will of Love. We can believe and achieve but we have to educate freely the power of Love to all that will listen. This is our believe here within our school of thought.

IF you are a practitioner or teacher please consider the following:

  1. Practice what we preach with care and consideration for others.
  2. Believe that all is possible in Love and ignore the naysaying ego/brain or believes taken from others.
  3. Look after yourself first before you can take care of others.
  4. Forgive daily yourself first and then of others.
  5. Anyone who tells you to fear tell them NO!!! Only Love Surround yourself with people who are loving and kind.
  6. If another healer, practitioner or teacher requests your help, do so compassionately do not compete against one and other.
  7. Love, find love even if it is small but always defend love with your honour.
  8. Follow your heart and feelings and if it feels horrible it most likely is not the best thing to do.
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