Here are the reasons why you should keep on loving you and others

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

Love is something which we require as an energy whether the head likes to admit it or not.

Love is the universal energy of existence. Love is everything, Love is eternal, Love is something ignored as though it is a flea on our shoulder. No Love is ignored by your ego, your mind because society has programmed you to ignore it. Love oh yeah that's something which is small and insignificant, we save that for valentines day. That is your messages being relayed to you by society and mind-sets and egos.

Love you cannot survive without it. There are some nasty forces in this world which are teaching you to ignore love as though you are a slave to fear. It is being filtered into your mind and as your laws of the land state you to stop hugging, loving, touching each other as though it is a bad thing to do. What do you think it is doing to your heart?

The thing about love is that Love is a miracle maker. Your head will say yeah right or whatever or get used to being controled by fear or else you are here to do nothing but be controlled by society.

Don't do hugs, don't forgive why should you? Don't give to charity because after all its' another business, pay for xyz until you have nothing. Oh you have to struggle these days.

Fear God because he is going to punish you. Fear Jesus's return? so you get the gist.

Firstly, why should any fear GOD? God is LOVE? why fear love? and why should you fear Jesus? The truth is we are all Love, we are all mini creators. We have our hearts and souls together in holy harmony. Fear to Love is opposites. Love cannot be in fear and fear cannot exist in Love. So if you are made from love why are we fearing?

Why fear Jesus? because he holds commands over evil and he can pull out every demon existing on earth because why else do they call it hell on earth?

GOD the creator of all is only angry because he is sending prophets, angels, loving people to stop and tell people that the way we struggle to make a living, the way we are being forced to stop loving, the way we are being programmed or trained to do the opposite of love or to not forgive, to self destruct or to kill yourself and others is WRONG. GOD is angry towards the demons of this world and the evil leaders who are under the influence of fear based energies stopping you from experiences love on earth in a physical manner. In heaven, we don't have bodies so we don't have a full experience of how to live in love on a physical plane. This is why GOD is angry, not at you. The creator I know is firm but loving, patient and kind, understanding and forgiving countless times as he see's your learning naturally from your own mistakes.

This is a very important lesson to understand that Love is the real energy here, fear is none existing. Love is a deeper energy and I myself have seen countless miracles from saving my life through to making dreams come true. The issue is the dense energy on our planet is called 3dimensional energies. We live through the perception of our brain. This is what every day society calls "living" but the brain as my angels teach me is not me. It feels like you as you are part of your soul and the eyes for example are your soul.

However,Love flows from the heart. How often are we told to ignore our feelings that your brain is always right. IT's not right, it helps you to change and make decisions but at the end of the day the heart is the real you with your soul because that is made from ~Love.

Love is a substance which is similar to dark matter. Dark matter can be changed into anything, but love is the main source of energy that we share. Society tells us to avoid feeling loving just in case you get hurt. Love does not hurt you it is the fear which causes the disruption.

Love is important so we have to say NO to anyone who forces us to ignore it, or stop it in our life. The reason is not ascension persay but the make up on your own soul and heart. It's like playing checkers white is love and black is fear. The more we love the more we attract love. The more society gets you to fear the more love is shoved out. Make sense?

So how do we begin to love more?

Love comes to view when you are compassionate to you first and then others. It is not selfish to love you first. Love you is being gentle, kind, forgiving, following what you are drawn too and not allowing the mind to tell you no you can't afford, or that is stupid. No Love is right always. It is an energy inside and out of you. With love you can do no wrong. Love calculates what you do right. So the more good that you do the more love you create yourself.

I will leave that with you.



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