A healing presence

Keep the Love flowing upon earth. Let no healer or Angel Warrior be stopped from their duty.

The Healing Presence by J.Kyte 2012. All rights reserved.

The following are snippets used from my essay on energy healing at the University of Derby.

(Wayne and Jonas 2004) believed that love provides the depth of a healing presence, whilst the good intentions are seen as the drive behind the love to perform the healing. The author believes that it is the spiritual nature towards healing which represents love and this is a spiritual grace which is received through healing.


Entrainment is an occurrence of resonance, which was first observed in the seventeenth century by Christian Huygens. It is defined as the tendency of two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Letciche, Hagemeijer (2004).

When a healer prepares for a session, a visualisation takes place for both the client and the healer will take place and apparently helps the client to become rooted with the earth. Each individual will begin to feel relaxed, and this results in both individuals becoming entrained with the earth’s energy field (Oschman.2000). The grounding progress allows you to feel connected to the earth, so the individual can become supported by the earth’s magnetic field energy through the root chakra; it is this which provides us with a sense of safety and security during a healing session. (Brennan.1988). (Myss 1999).

Disease and Illnesses.

Disease and illness are the manifestations of energy imbalances or blockages in the ethereal and physical bodies. The ethereal is a classical term used by empiricists for a space filling medium through which all forms of energy are transmitted (McTagghart, 2002) cited in (Martin 2005). It is the blueprint of all living which helps manifests anything ranging from sub-atomic particles through to the creation of an illness. The physical symptoms can always be traced back to the subtle energies bodies. (Angelo 1991). When healing takes place the energy which is resolved not only takes place within a physical sense but also upon the structure of ethereal plane too. When healing commences it allows the blocked energy to become released and renewed in order to flow freely again.

It was C.G Jung who first put forward the theory that disease is the result of mal-adjustment to our spiritual being (Kunz 1985).

When considering the connection of energy and illness it was Dr. Wilhelm Reich a psychiatrist, and an associate of Freud who studied the field of universal energy discovered the link between illnesses. He found that by using an integrated psychotherapeutic and physical technique, he could clear negative mental and emotional states. Other research such as the effects of Rolfing on the body and psyche produced by Dr. Valorie Hunt provides equal evidence to suggest that memories of life experiences are stored in body tissue. It is the healing energy which has been channelled through the healer is defined as energy of a particular frequency that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues. (Oschman 2000).

In order to conclude this research within exploring the concepts of spiritual healing, I found that it was disappointing in the sense that there is so much negativity towards healing in general when working towards a multidimensional body. If more journals could be accessed for free, then I could have researched more professionally. However, I feel that I have accomplished my aims for providing this research and if I would do it any different in the future I would like to explore the subtle energies more in depth in relation to how healing is used towards the diagnosis of illness and perhaps try to explain how to use protection as a screen that may ward off negative energies.

There seems to be many variations and angles to learn from spiritual healing that no wonder there are a lot of discrepancies within research. There does not seem to be a precise set of areas in research, and it feels that more can be achieved if only researchers and scientists would separate the various healing commodities before joining their findings together and assuming they are all the same.

Subtle energies

Subtle energy systems are an important factor in the healing of the whole multidimensional person. Matter is a substance which is made up from the duality of waves and particles.

The multidimensional body is a whole unique system if energy grid called an energy matrix. Each living organism including the human being is made up of an intricate web of various types of energy which are also known as the auras.

The main differences between auras are the density of the energy. The energy closest to the physical plane is the densest and as each aura expands, the lighter the energy becomes. (Brennan 1988).


Everything that is living communicates with each other vibrational. When two systems align with each other they vibrate on the same wavelength. Anderson.

There are four energy forces identified by science as described by Anderson (). He explained that the weakest energy is gravity, and it is this energy which keeps us rooted to earth. This energy keeps everything in its rightful place in the universe. Next is electromagnetic energy which is often associated with light, gamma and x- rays. Everything but dark matter is known to give off this form of energy force and it is made from sub-atomic particles called protons. The third type of energy is a stronger force nuclear force and it binds the nucleus of an atom through fusion or separation by fission. Lastly, there is a weak nuclear force which is more subtle it is this type of energy which can change an atom into for example protons, electrons and neutrons. However, he does go on to explain that human subtle energies are seen to operate in a field which is beyond the four above mentioned energy types and this seems to be supported by (Gerber 2001)(Tiller 2004).

Resonance refers to everything that is living and vibrating on a level which enables two systems to align with each other and interchange with each other. It becomes a method of communication where a constant link between energy and particles can be sent from one person to the other. Anderson (2006), Gerber (2001).


The aura is given to the bio-electrical field which can be found around all living organisms. That many healers claim to see during a performance of healing. It is claimed by Brennan that each of the seven chakras can become imbalanced with negative energy which blocks the flow through the subtle energy bodies. If this does not become released, healed or dealt with it can result in the manifestation of an illness.

The following describes how illness may manifest if blocked by negative thoughts or energy. This is one-sided because there has not been a lot of research so far that could be provided to give a positive flow of an argument.

It is claimed by Brennan and Myss that each of the seven chakras can become imbalanced with negative energy which blocks the flow through the subtle energy bodies. If this does not become released, healed or dealt with it can result in the manifestation of an illness.

The Chakras

The energy patterns which may be projected include safety, being able to provide for a family, being insecure and not being able to trust. These feelings are all negative characteristics which are claimed by Brennan to block the flow of energy through the root chakra. Illness could manifest into back pain, cancer, tumours or in any case any illness related to around this region of the body. Subtle bodies are the term used to describe both chakras and auras when they work together. However, due to a lack of research within the energy medicine field this briefly over views the connection to how energy blockages within the chakra can affect illness and disease.

The Sacral Centre 

The sacral centre belongs to self worth, power related issues such as self- respect, self- esteem to name but a few. If an individual holds pessimistic values then it is said that illness will manifest as sexual problems or back problems. 

Solar Plexus

Located in the stomach region.

This centre rules areas such as the abdomen, kidneys, liver, spleen, and upper intestines.  This chakra is said to govern the intuitive nature of an individual and when individuals hold back in some way or form and don’t speak the truth from the heart, the individual becomes imbalanced and this will cause negative disruptions such as anger, frustration and resentment. Healing or the rebalancing of chakra cited by Caroline Myss that it will help to prevent stomach problems from arising.

 The Heart Chakra

This area is placed in the heart region. It is all about providing, sharing and receiving love. When this chakra becomes imbalanced it normally affects us in various relationships and includes feelings and emotions. These unbalanced feelings over time will begin to create emotional traumas. When an individual does not heal or deal with the issues surrounding love. This eventually is said to affect the physical heart and can cause heart failure, lung problems and anything surrounding the areas of the heart. 

The Throat Chakra

Deals with self expression, speak from the heart or I cannot get the words from off my chest.

It is how your voice expresses the inner you and it is this area of personal responsibility to speak up and gain your own direction of life. If this chakra becomes blocked or unbalanced in any way, then illness is likely to manifest as a sore throats. 

Mental Chakra/ 3rd Eye

Looks after the brain, ears, eyes, pineal and pituitary glands. This includes wisdom, thinking skills and seeing through the inner eye.  When this chakra area is blocked it is expected that there are negative thought patterns such as fear of seeing something you do not wish to see, or maybe you feel that you are not intelligent enough to progress through university. These types of negative trail of thoughts and attitudes are said to create tension headaches and other forms of mental disorders.  

Crown Chakra

This chakra is said to connect us with our creator father, just as the creator mother connects us to earth through the root chakra. This is often called one of the highest vibrational chakras which provide’s our full access through to heaven. It is often stated by various resources that this chakra is house to our spirituality. Purple or white in colour if we close this chakra it makes us feel lonely and isolated.

Energy Healing is an important profession for a new evolution of spiritual medicine. It is therefore equally  important to gain a balance of knowledge, integrity and skills when trying to break through a long established bio-medicine model.  If Energy Healing is established as a stable method of healing, it can be a powerful way of complimenting traditional medicine.


Amazing article. I am so

Amazing article. I am so impressed. I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects. Thanks for your publication; wild style. Many thanks sharing your article.

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