Welcome to Spiritual Horizons. 


We love Angels

Jesus + Angels = Love

Angels are God's Servants to humanity. We don't worship them but we can acknowledge and respect that they can upon God's order provide you with spiritual direction, gifts and protection. We don't pray to Angels but we teach to pray through the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of Love only. 

What we do

A warm welcome to everyone visiting us today. In a nutshell these are the areas that we assist with. 

Online Support Groups

Monthly Spiritual Support Groups. 

Spiritual and Angel Courses

Angel Teachings

We teach about Angels from a biblical and universal point of view. We provide courses that are biblical based but also universal love based only. For all the deception that is available a intergrated biblical point of view into all of our angel teachings.

Spiritual Store

Our Online Spiritual Holistic Shop is now open. We sell all our therapies, angel and spiritual courses, art, greeting cards and lots more here. We are international. 

Spiritual Guidance

We provide person centred spiritual guidance through one to one zoom sessions and telephone upon request. We have extensive knowledge, credentials and lived in experiences that can aid your own spiritual journey. 

Energy Healings

Enjoy energy healings looking at unblocking your own energy patterns that stagnate our spiritual progress. Once lockdown ceases this service within reason will resume. 


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