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Keep the love flowing and forgive daily. Love and peace to you.

Advertise with us

We will reasonably promote for free any local UK Angel Specific event or workshop upon our Events page. If you are a holistic or beauty event we will charge £3 per event on our page. All this will be promoted on all social media to include Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook.  Within Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and elsewhere we will charge a minimal fee of £5 per entry for validitity of up to 3 months before your event.

£10 charge will include events up to 6 within a yearly spread.

We would absolutely love to promote within the UK for free the following styled events:

Fairies, Angels, dragons, LOVE Specifically and to include workshops outside of the Greater Manchester area.

If you have a course you would like to promote or use our platform to gain students. Please enquire for all.